An awards ceremony

Ten Groningen companies nominated for the GOP

The winner of the Groninger Ondernemingsprijs 2024 will be announced in November. Contenders could register until the end of May at the latest. You could enter your own company or nominate another; a company that you think is hugely deserving.

In mid-June, the jury shortlisted ten nominees. These have since been introduced at a special Information Meeting at the Province House. There it was also told, what is expected of the nominees in the coming months.

On the route to the finals in November, the ten nominees will have the opportunity on Oct. 3 to tell the jury themselves in a pitch why they are inspiring, successful or otherwise special. The jury will then deliberate to decide which three nominees will advance to the finals on November 21 in MartiniPlaza, Groningen.

These are the ten nominees, in no particular order:

  • Convident B.V.
    Custom websites, web shops and online marketing campaigns
  • Defibrion Group B.V.
    Supplier of life-saving equipment and services, specializing in AEDs and FAFS.
    Online sales of tile tools, furniture and interior fittings, marine fittings and garden fittings products.
  • ICON
    Independent drug research commissioned by (mainly) pharmaceutical companies
  • KeyPro B.V.
    Furnishing flexible and complete spaces, from temporary home to office and event venue
  • Marlan B.V.
    Producer of 'solid surface' materials: products made of synthetic materials with the appearance of natural stone
  • Pedro Boat B.V.
    Shipyard, builder of motor yachts up to 15 meters
  • Royal Bodewes
    Shipyard specializing in multipurpose ships in the range between 1,500 and 15,000 tons
  • TRACER Europe B.V.
    A Contract Research Organization (CRO) that accelerates new drug development using advanced molecular imaging techniques
  • Wilmink Engine Parts
    Supplier of parts for gasoline, diesel and gas engines.