Stop Talking Start Doing - Tips and tools towards a diverse and inclusive business

Stop Talking Start Doing - Tips and tools towards a diverse and inclusive business

Man dare to live! You only live a very short time, just once
And if you want to be different later, you can't!
'Man, dare to live!
Don't question every day of your short existence:
How did my dad and grandpa do?
How does my cousin do and how does my friend do?
And who knows, how or that finds my neighbor again
And - what has 'decency' prescribed!
Man, dare to live!

Ten rules with quite an impact. Isn't it? And to think that this poem and song was written back in 1917 by Dirk Witte. This man should have known it would still be so topical more than 100 years later. Why is it still so relevant? And what is the link to diversity and inclusion and the May 11, 2022 Stop Talking, Start Doing event?

Only benefits

We probably don't need to tell you that an inclusive and diverse work environment helps accelerate the success of your business. Creativity within your organization increases, resulting in an innovative and successful business. Even if the topic seems like hype, we desperately need D&I to be up to the challenges ahead. Greater diversity and inclusion is not a goal. It is a means to success.

Presentation roadmap

What steps can you take as early as tomorrow to advance D&I within your organization? On Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at the Drents Museum in Assen, we presented these steps. Under the heading Stop Talking, Start Doing we shared concrete tips and tools to increase creativity and innovation and make your company more successful. Curious how it was? Watch a registration of the afternoon.

Choose change

One of the most important tips is: look at yourself. Who are you as an entrepreneur? What is your intrinsic motivation? You can take the first step to create change in yourself and then in your business. Have the courage to look at someone's drive and attitude. Then diplomas and copies of yourself are suddenly less interesting after all. If you dare to look this way, a safe working environment is created and from there room for diverse teams. This creates feelings like: I belong and contribute to the success of the company.

The facts

Diversity and inclusion actually contributes to better entrepreneurial results. Harvard showed that more diversity and inclusion in teams leads to more innovation and more profitability. McKinsey showed the same thing in a 2020 study. The difference runs into tens of percent. Market shares rise and - this is where the power of diversity reveals itself even more - new markets are entered more often.

Stop Talking Start Doing - Tips and tools towards a diverse and inclusive business

Start tomorrow? Download our D&I Toolkit

But anyway, how do you organize a diverse team and make that step towards renewal? Especially for entrepreneurs who want to start working with diversity and inclusion in their organization tomorrow, we have developed a Toolkit. In it you will find tips and tools you need to use diversity and inclusion as a means to promote creativity and innovation and to increase the success of your company.

The Toolkit was developed in collaboration with inspiring players in the northern ecosystem. We spoke with entrepreneurs, investment managers, ecosystem developers, educational institutions and policy makers. Change starts here. Start doing! View the D&I toolkit.

Toolkit D&I