PGO Network North gets underway

PGO Network North gets underway

The PGO Network North, a consortium of nearly forty companies and healthcare institutions in the north of the Netherlands, is getting a major boost from a €4 million grant. The North Netherlands Cooperation Agency (SNN) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate announced this during the official launch of the program today. The amount comes from the European Regional Development Fund.

Managing your own health data

A personal health environment (PBL) is a digital environment in which citizens manage their own health data. They retrieve healthcare data from their healthcare providers and decide for themselves with whom they share this information. Privacy is guaranteed because all parties must comply with the national MedMij standards and agreements.

As a user, you choose your own PBM. By linking all kinds of applications or health programs to it, you track and influence your health. For example, through wearables that measure blood pressure or heart rate, an app that can predict lung attacks, or a program that helps you maintain your weight. PGO Network North aims to act as a flywheel for healthcare innovation. Patient representatives and Zorgbelang expressly participate in the program.

Opportunities for business and healthcare

The combined investment of the partners of the PGO Network North program is about 10 million euros. This investment runs over several years, 40 percent of which is now being subsidized with the support of the SNN. PGO Network North provides a multitude of opportunities for both business and healthcare.

Wim Hodes, director of the GERRIT Foundation and consortium coordinator, explains: "Citizens and patients increasingly want to take their health into their own hands. There is also the increasing pressure on healthcare. With the corona outbreak and its consequences, eHealth has taken off. ''We need to see that continue and PBMs fit in seamlessly with that.''

Better and more affordable

The advent of new products and services is going to change healthcare, it is expected. Care delivery will become better and more affordable. For example, because measurement results can much better predict a visit to a health care provider. Or duplicate examinations or scans will be prevented by better sharing of data from previous examinations. In addition, all kinds of innovations will improve health, as well as the job satisfaction of healthcare providers.

Good for the economy

Intensive collaboration and breaking down digital and infrastructure barriers helps companies, such as startups, grow and expand. Thus, PBMs are also expected to create new jobs. 'PGO Network North is not only good for healthcare but also for the economy,'" Hodes said. Partly for this reason, the grant was awarded from SNN and NOM, the Investment and Development Company for the Northern Netherlands, is closely involved.

Source: SNN