Parkos continues international expansion unabated

Parkos continues international expansion unabated

Groningen-based Parkos, which had a record summer, is already active in 15 countries. Soon the booking platform for airport parking spaces will add the United Kingdom, with support from NOM. 'If Parkos had not been hit so hard by Corona, external funding would not have been necessary this time either.'

Since its founding in 2014, Parkos showed a doubling in revenue and bookings every year. Corona put an abrupt end to that exponential growth. For a while, as it turned out later. Because since the air traffic resumed last spring, the growth of the Groningen-based scale-up is back in full swing. 'We are now even running well above pre-corona level,' managing director Arne Bos emphasizes. 'June, July and August were the best months in our existence.'

Global market leader

With its recent growth figures, Parkos sends a clear signal that it is on track to achieve its ambition: to become the global leader in airport parking. Currently, the company is already active at airports in 15 countries, in Europe, Australia and the United States. Soon the United Kingdom will be added. 'We have been looking at opportunities there for a long time,' Arne clarifies. 'After all, the United Kingdom is one of the largest markets in Europe. In our opinion, now is the time to open up that market as well.' Obviously, entering a new country requires much more than just translating the website. For example, a country manager must also be hired to approach local parking providers and connect them to the platform. At the same time, Parkos' payment system must be made ready to accept British pounds as well. And yes, that will require investment.

Parkos continues international expansion unabated

Founders Arne Bos and Peter Bosma

On its own

To enable the market launch to the United Kingdom, contact was made with NOM. Investment Manager Klaas Kooistra did not have to think long about providing funding. 'Parkos is an ambitious and stable growing Groningen company with a proven business model,' he says. 'For years, the parking platform was even among the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. That resulted in, among other things, winning a Gazellen Award and a top-10 position in the Deloitte Fast 50. What I find particularly special is that the founders Arne Bos (left in the photo) and Peter Bosma (right in the photo) did everything under their own steam. So without external funding, really nothing at all. That says a lot about the quality of the platform and, above all, about the growing demand for affordable and reliable parking near airports. Had Parkos not been hit so hard by corona, external funding would not have been necessary this time either.'

Mediation platform

Good to know: Parkos itself does not own the parking lots. It is purely a mediation platform, similar to Booking and Uber. A platform where you can compare parking providers at airports in a secure environment on, for example, price, distance and ratings. And reserve and pay for parking spaces, of course. After starting in 2014 at Schiphol Airport, Parkos, which employs 40 people, is rolling out the platform further and further around the world. So soon it will be the turn of the United Kingdom. 'In addition, before corona we were busy expanding in the United States,' says Arne. 'We are going to focus on that again in the future. A huge market where we are relatively small now, but where we can still make very nice steps.'