Master class 'Why set a strategy? Just do it and we'll see'

During this master class we will discuss in detail whether and how a strategy can work for your company. As an entrepreneur or manager, you know very well what works and what does not work for your organization. However, sometimes there is a need for an analysis of the current performance and future sustainability of your organization. What are your ambitions and core values and what is the next step?

This often provides an excellent starting point to reassess your strategy, improve your organization's results on a strategic, operational and financial level and make your organization more effective. Once you have formulated the mission, vision and strategy of your company, all that remains is an action plan to implement the chosen measures.

What will you learn?

  • What is the difference between a mission and a vision, how do you formulate a good mission and how do you define your vision? And what is involved?
  • What is the right approach to strategy recalibration and implementation in your company?
  • How do you get your staff to go along with the desired changes?
  • How do you maintain control over the implementation of the actions in the action plan?

Of course, there will be plenty of room to ask questions of the experts. Moreover, you will meet fellow entrepreneurs who are also working on this topic.

About the speakers

This master class is organized by Flinc, who has joined forces with an expert in the market: Groots Bedrijfsadvies. Fred van Dellen and Marcel Gritter, both working at GROOTS, have extensive experience in, among other things, guiding entrepreneurs in sharpening their mission and defining their vision. They help develop the right strategy and implement measures.

Finding your way to investors is not easy. That's why Flinc's advisors are here especially for innovative startups. They will help you get your plans ready so that investors will be lining up for you. For example, they will help you develop your products or professionalize your company. They also show you what you can do to find capital to scale up. And thanks to their extensive network, they also put you at the table with interesting investors.

Date & location

This master class was originally scheduled for Thursday, April 9, 2020. Due to security measures related to the Corona virus, this master class will be rescheduled to a date to be determined later. Please keep an eye on the Flinc website for this.

Sign up?

You can sign up with Bjorn Redmeijer. He can be reached at or 06 541 001 22.