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Make your factory a smart factory - Take the first step with the assessment

Smart products in smart factories. That is becoming the formula for success for the manufacturing industry everywhere. But what exactly is that; smart? The entrepreneurs of the northern consortium Region of Smart Factories have packaged the answer in a handy online assessment. That's smart, too, they think.

An assessment is actually a measuring stick. You can use it to determine how "smart" your own company is and what steps you can take to become a true Smart Factory. But beware! Chances are you won't end up in the upper echelons. But that's true for the vast majority of companies. We are in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution for a reason. There is work to be done, and the Smart Factory assessment will help you take the first steps.


  • Go to:
  • Choose your language
  • Complete the assessment (Where are you now? What is your ambition?)
  • For each competency, indicate how important it is to the success of your business

Then you get to see the results, ranked by priority.

Make your factory a smart factory

Are you more into gaming? There is also a gaming variant. You can find it here.

The best version of yourself

The Smart Factory assessment is a tool to outline an Industry 4.0 strategy. No more, but certainly no less. Have you completed the assessment and want more?

The technology providers in the RoSF group, all northern SMEs, are specializing to convert manufacturing companies (from the manufacturing and process industries) into smart factories.

You can contact them through the website (or Hans Praat see contact information at the bottom of this page).


Credit where credit is due. The Assessment was drafted by avid entrepreneurs from the RoSF group. "From companies, for companies.

They spent many an evening on it. The hard workers are Anno Cazemier (of Bureau Langhout and Cazemier), Jan Post (Philips), Kjeld van der Schaaf (KxA), Wilbert van der Eijnde (RoSF project team), Joost Schut (KE-Works), Jelle Jansma (Elfskot), Theodoor de Jonge (Central Steel) and Lars de Groot (Demcon). Coordination is in the hands of NOMmer Hans Praat.

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