EventInsight is more than 'tinder for conferences'

EventInsight is more than 'tinder for conferences'

Visit congresses more efficiently, talk to the people you want to talk to, make contact at the right moment during the congress, or just before or after. But also: gain insight into who is attending your congress, connect people and learn what your guests think of the various program components. That's what the app EventInsight offers all, built in Groningen since 2018.

Many are familiar with it. You go to a conference or trade show hoping to speak to certain people. And just when you need them, they're not at their booth, or there's a group of people standing around who want the same thing. ''Then you grab the app and make an appointment to have coffee later.'' It's just one example given by EventInsight founders Bas Krijgsman and Ruben Haring. ''Or you just check who else might be interesting to you and make an appointment with them. That's very easy with the app.''

EventInsight works in several directions. Conference organizers benefit just as much. They see clearly what backgrounds their visitors have, get insight into which program elements are popular. Krijgsman: ,,The app also includes a rating tool. Visitors can give their opinion per item, or about the event as a whole. This is very useful for organizers.

Different functionalities can easily be added to the basic app. The app looks different for each congress, completely designed in consultation with the organization. Our advisors think along with us and that is how we come up with an environment that suits that specific event, with the tools that the organization would like to have included.

EventInsight has already successfully brought the app to more than a hundred conferences in 12 different countries. ,,Almost 90 percent of the organizations used us again at the next congress. The app sells itself, so to speak. Yes, we were already allowed to work with really big names, such as Unesco, UMCG and Afas. And the VVD congress also used the app. '' The Groningen startup is working hard on a plan to conquer Europe as soon as possible. In Germany it already has two representatives, in England there is also one. ''Our goal is to do more than 4,000 events by 2022.''

Such a rollout costs money. That's why EventInsight specifically brought in two investors. ''People from the business, with whom we sit around the table every month to hone the business plan.'' And NOM also saw the potential and gave a loan. Krijgsman: ,,Thanks to our app! I was planning to speak to someone from Flinc (part of NOM aimed at linking investors to startups, ed.) during the Promotion Days in Groningen, but that didn't work out. Through our app I sent a message and that's how the process started.''

Investment Manager Klaas Kooistra reviewed EventInsight's loan application. ,,This is simply a well thought out model. A conference gets a direct grip on visitor flow, has data in its hands that is valuable, the visitors on the other hand have a better experience. Add to this that this is an excellently organized startup with good consultants and you can see why NOM is happy to participate.''

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