Departure Sander Oosterhof

As of January 1, Sander Oosterhof, MT member and responsible for internationalization and development, will leave NOM. Sander joined NOM in 2007, initially as Investment Manager and from the end of 2009 in his current position.

In this role, he and his team achieved great results for the Northern Netherlands. (Foreign) companies that have established or decided to expand in the Northern Netherlands during this period have created nearly 3,500 new jobs and made investments of over €2.5 billion. Beautiful ecosystems have also been built in the field of innovation around water technology, (greening of) chemistry, smart industry and agrifood. Dina Boonstra: "We want to thank Sander very much for his contribution. We respect that after 15 years he has made the choice to do other things outside NOM and wish him every success in doing so."

Sander Oosterhof: "I have enjoyed working at NOM for 15 years and in that time, in addition to very concrete results, we have achieved a lot. For example in the national cooperation in the field of acquisition and recently also innovation and also in the way we cooperate within NOM and achieve successes with that. There is a lot of young talent within NOM and I think it is their turn to continue building on the foundation that is there now. For me, it is time to put everything that I have learned and applied to use in a different way."

Caption to photo: left Sander Oosterhof, right André Harmens

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