CuRe Technology winner Drenthe Startup

CuRe Technology winner Drenthe Startup

The mission to make the world of plastics more sustainable was also embraced by the jury. CuRe Technology from Emmen may call itself the best startup in Drenthe for a year and wins the finals of Drenthe Startup 2020!

With a big grin and a huge check in his hands, Mike de Lange steps out of the spotlight of the Atlas Theater in Emmen. The manager Research & Development of CuRe Technology has just been crowned winner by presenter Jort Kelder. ,,Really a very nice result that we have achieved,'' he thinks. ,,I was allowed to tell the story and I really enjoyed doing that, but in the end the team brought results.''


It was tense whether they would win. ''The other candidates also had a very good story.'' Moreover, the four-member jury was very critical and even after uncorking the champagne, after Kelder asked for a reaction, had some sharp comments for the winner. But that didn't spoil the fun.

There was also disappointment in this final. OWNER from Emmen just missed out on the title. And for Patrick Trentelman, the former teacher who came up with the idea for his startup SpaceTime Layers with his elementary school class, the disappointment was even greater. In his final pitch, he wanted to elaborate on the business side of his startup. ,,I noticed that the jury was curious about that last time.'' But unfortunately, once on stage, the jury of the semi-final turned out to have chosen him as the first loser and he was not allowed to pitch a second time. ''Yes, I really do regret this.''

CuRe Technology winner Drenthe Startup


For De Lange and his CuRe Technology, the win mainly means recognition. ,,We are convinced ourselves that we are doing something special, but it is nice that the initiative is also recognized by the jury. Recognition that we are indeed dealing with a problem that needs to be solved and for the hard work of the team.''

Especially when he talks about that team, De Lange begins to glow with delight. ,,We have a fantastic team with forty years of knowledge about how plastics are made. That experience is now being used to do the same process just the other way around, so it can all be reused. That's no piece of cake.'' De Lange, by the way, is not a good reflection of the age of the team, he tells himself, laughing. ''That's young, too. I'm just the spokesman today.'' CuRe employs a number of people who come directly from the area and did their training in Emmen, he says.

CuRe Technology winner Drenthe Startup


Alderman Guido Rink of the Municipality of Emmen finds it "fantastic" that - after BMTEC last year - a startup from his municipality wins again. ,,It is of course the companies that do it themselves, but the fact that this happens here shows that we as a municipality of Emmen facilitate in the right way. For us it is a signpost: look what great things are happening in Emmen.''

Deputy Henk Brink concurs. ,,Emmen is an innovative place where things are possible. Hard work is being done to give young companies a chance.'' According to him, another winner from Emmen indicates the environment that is being created. ''We are trying to create that for the whole province. If you have an idea, you can make it happen in Drenthe.'' That bodes well for the future.

And the future of CuRe Technology? De Lange sees that looking bright. ,,We are now building the second part of our pilot plant, which we expect to be operational in the spring. The dot on the horizon is in 2023. Then we will build a large factory here in Emmen (good for more than a hundred jobs, ed.) to implement our concept wholesale.''

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