Corona-Override Loan can be applied for until Oct. 1

The Cabinet has made €300 million available for bridging loans for startups, scale-ups and (innovative) SMEs. The Regional Development Companies provide this Corona-OverbruggingsLening (COL) at the request of the Cabinet. Earlier this week, Techleap published the results tm June 30. The report shows that the COL clearly fills a need. How many entrepreneurs used the COL in the Northern Netherlands?

The COL in the Northern Netherlands

In the three northern provinces, 91 companies applied, of which 39 received funding. All of them innovative companies (almost 60% startups) that will be able to pursue their innovative plans with the COL. Companies that are enormously important for the innovative capacity of the North!

Geert Buiter, Deputy Director and Manager Finance: "The dashboard shows that we have financed more than 10 million Euro through the COL. A capital injection for the companies involved but certainly also an economic boost for the region. And the COL is still running. Until October 1 it is possible to submit an application. If your organization meets the criteria then definitely still apply."

Dashboard COL NOM


Check the criteria for a COL application here. This can still be done until Oct. 1. Dashboard COL-NOM tm August 13, 2020