How do I choose the right staff for my business?
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How do I choose the right staff for my business?

Hiring staff. It's almost inevitable if you want to grow your business. Sooner or later, you can no longer do it all yourself and you need people around you. But not everyone is sufficient, so it is important that you hire good staff. In this article we tell you what to look out for if you want to hire staff (for example, as a self-employed person).

Hiring staff: the points of interest

As a founder and business owner, you probably know best what your company needs, and maybe that's why you should hire staff. Your vision influences everything. Therefore, it makes sense for you to be responsible for hiring the right staff. Fortunately, a little thought and planning will get you a long way. But it starts with the right strategy.

Devise a strategy

In fact, hiring the right staff should already be woven into your business plan. In it, you should have already thought about what the growth of your business looks like in the coming years, and what roles or people you will need to do so.

Good preparation is half the battle

Before you put out a job posting, you can be clear about a lot of things. First, you need to make sure you have the right priority. What does your team need to grow first, and what are the newcomer's duties? Also, think ahead about things like the budget and tenure you want to offer.

What is your corporate culture like?

As long as you have a sole proprietorship or are self-employed, you are the only one responsible for and influencing the company culture. That changes as soon as you hire staff. Therefore, it is advisable to think in advance about the culture that is there now and that you want in the future. The clearer this is to yourself, the easier it will be for future employees to stick to it.

Show why they should choose you

In today's market, there is more demand for good employees than supply. Therefore, you will have to sell yourself to potential employees. A good salary is not enough to recruit the best people. Maybe you have to offer them a lot of freedom to set up their own work? Do they get a lot of time to develop themselves? Think about what makes your company so unique that the best people only want to work for you.

Be careful not to get desperate. It may take some time to find the perfect candidate, but this is no time for compromise.

3 challenges you face when hiring staff

There are a number of challenges you will have to deal with when you start hiring staff. Below we list 3 key issues for you.

You are competing with much larger companies

Because there is a lot of work and few people to do that work, competition in the job market is high. That means you are competing with larger companies, which have all kinds of advantages over your small business. Think pensions, training opportunities and higher pay.

But that doesn't say it all. Your relatively small company is much more decisive and less bureaucratic. That means your future employee will have the opportunity to make a difference, which can be a lot of satisfaction.

No experience or talent

And this is not about the candidates. In many cases, business owners are not very good at hiring the right staff at all. They often make choices on their gut, which is not always a good idea. Or you go for the cheapest power, also a bad starting point. Be realistic about your own ability.

Not the right candidate?

The resumes are pouring in, but the right candidate just isn't among them. That can be very frustrating. You probably don't have the budget to hire a recruiter, so your best bet is to use your own network. Feel free to ask around if anyone knows any people.

An important step, take your time

Hiring staff is an important and big step in the growth of your business. Therefore, don't rush into it overnight. Pay close attention to the focal points and prepare for the challenges. Before you know it, you will have the perfect candidate.

Tips for finding the right staff

Finally, we want to give you some concrete tips on hiring.

  1. Determine the hard criteria that your employee must meet. Use these criteria to make a first selection based on the resumes and letters.
  2. Don't do it all by yourself. Ask someone you trust to watch with you.
  3. Don't be distracted by nerves, try to put someone at ease during an interview.
  4. Take an assessment or check the references someone has provided.
  5. Treat the people you reject as well as the people you hire.

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