Founded in Groningen

Founded in Groningen

Founded in Groningen

Founded in Groningen is a program for innovative entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups in the city and province of Groningen. By neutrally connecting, supporting and inspiring, Founded in Groningen contributes to the startup ecosystem. The goal is to create more and better startups and help scale-ups grow faster.

To remain among the top Dutch startup ecosystems in 2022, Founded in Groningen employs the following strategy:

  1. Continuing and improving basic activities: connecting, supporting and inspiring.
  2. Focus on three pillars, namely, Capital, Talent & Diversity and Market.

NOM/Flinc has committed to the Capital pillar as a Lead Partner of Founded in Groningen. We want to contribute to creating overview in the ecosystem, improving the level of knowledge and skills (both of startups and investors) and connecting startups with investors.

We also commit to the "Market" pillar. We want to contribute to attracting international talent. One way is by positioning the northern Netherlands as an attractive place for international startups, but also by providing optimal services for international startups (including as a partner of Startup Visa Groningen).

In addition, we want to play a role in encouraging talent to start their own businesses (including by encouraging entrepreneurship linked to the SDGs) and we want to work to increase attention to diversity (including as a partner of Fundright).

By fulfilling the above Founded in Groningen strategy, we aim to sustainably strengthen the entire Northern Netherlands economy and increase employment in the Northern Netherlands.