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From professional ballerina to CEO of a dating site, earning prestigious awards in the US and contributing to a better world with Hydraloop - what can't this woman do!

On March 7, you will have the opportunity to learn from top entrepreneur Sabine Stuiver during the Business Lunch Talk. Organized by Founded in Friesland and the NOM.

Sabine Stuiver is co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Hydraloop, a company whose goal is to revolutionize the use of water worldwide. She not only led Hydraloop to the prestigious CES 2020 "Best of the Best" award, but is also recognized as one of the leaders of The Meaningful Business 100, which advocates for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Business Lunch Talk is a great opportunity to learn from AND connect with Sabiner Stuiver, one of the most ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs, right here in Friesland!

This event will take place in NHL Stenden (R10), in "the Pit" next to the cafeteria.

This event is only for students or recent graduates. Not only from NHL Stenden by the way. For all students and recent graduates in the Northern Netherlands.

Sabine Stuiver Hydraloop