Growth of LIFE Cooperative will be seen at future conference

Growth of LIFE Cooperative will be seen at future conference

The impact of the LIFE Cooperative on the Life Sciences & Health sector in the Northern Netherlands is significant. More than 45 companies - from startups, SMEs to international players - , 4,250 FTE and 450 million in turnover are represented in the cooperative.

Registrations open for the LIFE Sciences Conference and Innovation Award

To further increase that impact and strengthen national cooperation, the LIFE Sciences Conference will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022, at the Forum Groningen. You can register for the conference here. The event is made possible in part by the Municipality of Groningen and the NOM.

"Since 2015, life sciences and medtech companies have been united in the LIFE Cooperative. Our close and intimate cooperation is having a great impact. Projects that a company would have difficulty getting off the ground on its own now stand a chance. In addition, our sector in the Northern Netherlands is growing faster than the national average every year. Thanks to the cooperative we can think bigger and organize an event that matches our ambitions," said Ton Vries, chairman of the LIFE Cooperative.

Chain collaboration

The companies in the LIFE Cooperative represent the entire chain, from idea, research, to product. In addition, there is a lot of knowledge and expertise present and a desire to work together. This fact therefore forms the theme of the LIFE Sciences Conference: 'From lab to patient: the value chain of the life sciences & health sector'. The program will focus on collaborations within and from the LIFE Cooperative, from diagnostics and drug discovery to the clinic and medical technology. Not only is this collaboration present in the Northern Netherlands, the LIFE Cooperative is also active on a national level. Recently, an 80 million grant was awarded by the National Growth Fund for PharmaNL's application. The LIFE Cooperative is part of the PharmaNL consortium.

Growth of LIFE Cooperative will be seen at future conference

Innovation Award

The LIFE Sciences Innovation Award will also be presented during the conference. Starting today, one can apply for the Innovation Award or nominate another company / project or innovation of a knowledge institute. All conditions can be found via the Innovation Award page. On September 27, the nominees will be put in the spotlight during the conference and the award will be presented to the innovation with the most impact in the field of Life Sciences & Health. (Nominations are open until July 1, 2022). Applications are through the LIFE Cooperative website.

About the LIFE Cooperative

The LIFE Cooperative partnership was launched in 2015 with clear ambitions: to make life science and medical technology in the north more sustainable, to strengthen its impact on the environment and to grow the chain by 20 to 30 percent in the following years. LIFE Cooperative continues to grow and now consists of more than 45 companies and startups in the Northern Netherlands, representing over 4,250 FTEs and generating a combined turnover of 450 million euros. LIFE Cooperative is made possible by its members (startups and companies) and special members, such as the Municipality of Groningen, UMCG, Bedrijvenvereniging WEST, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, NOM, Municipality of Assen, RUG Ventures and Noorderpoort.

View the LIFE Cooperative website
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