Drenthe Startup 2022 SimCPR scores on impact
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Drenthe Startup 2022 SimCPR scores on impact

Another wonderful winner at the Drenthe Startup. SimCPR Medical from Roden is at first glance not the startup that will score giga-sales, but one with big impact and also one that is an appetizing bite for major parties like Apple, Samsung and Garmin.

In fact, SimCPR helps with CPR, as a wristband helps the rescuer perform chest compressions and in the right rhythm and depth. It is an application that would fit very well into an Apple Watch, for example.

According to jury president Ellen van Acht (Ziengs), there are three very capable and high-quality finalists, she reported after the jury deliberations. Besides the winning SimCPR, they are Hihaho from Assen (interactive video) and Pacheo from Emmen (subscription system with sustainable boxer shorts). Emmen alderman Guido Rink comfortingly reports to both losing finalists: ,,Cruijff once said: those who tap a little later are not necessarily less.''

The story that SimCPR's Harry Palsma submits to the jury is most impressive, though. For example, he says: ,,You're an EMT, you've been practicing on a CPR manikin for ten years, but one day you have to do real CPR and there's not a manikin, but someone, who is fat, thin, big or small. Then what is the right depth to massage, what is the right pace? There is no feedback at that point like there was on the course.''

It is a penetrating speech by Palsma. For the depth of massage is essential. ''People are afraid to press too deep, because they are afraid of breaking ribs,'' he knows. ''The minimum depth of massage is 5 centimeters and that's quite a lot. There is a chance of breaking ribs. People don't dare to do that, so the chance of survival is not optimal.''

With this story, Palsma emphasizes the great importance and impact of SimCPR's wristband. It impressed the judges. Jenny Wever's Pacheo was of a very different order. The Emmen-based company offers a "sustainable and circular alternative to traditional boxer shorts" by offering customers monthly boxer shorts made of bamboo. At that time, the customer can also return another pair of shorts, which is then passed on to charities such as the Salvation Army. Pacheo thus supports relief projects through a second life of the boxer shorts.

The third finalist is Hihaho from Assen, which also makes a big impact with interactive video but in a more technical way than SimCPR. Video is now the most important content on the Internet, pitches Mark Visser of Hihaho. We have gone a long way from reading to watching on the Internet,'' he observes. And all too often you can only scroll through the video while you actually want a more active role.

Hihaho is the solution in that case. Visser explains it using an example. Someone wants to know whether it is safe to drive a car after taking a medicine. Such a question can be typed into the video about that medication and within ten seconds, Visser promises, there is an answer in the person's own language. Hihaho is especially well suited to marketing. ''Wherever passive video is not good enough, we are a solution,'' Visser believes.

Where SimCPR has a big impact on health, Hihaho is in a world of big numbers, because the video is omnipresent on the Internet. If Hihaho acquires a position in this, it is precisely in this case that large sales are indeed possible.

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