Appointment of director of NOM

On the recommendation of the Supervisory Board of NV NOM, Investment and Development Company for the Northern Netherlands, Ms. Dina Boonstra will be appointed director of the company effective September 1, 2019. Ms. Boonstra is currently interim director of Jeugdhulp Friesland and was previously active as director of the NDC media group.

Mr. Rudy Rabbinge, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NV NOM: "We are delighted with the arrival of Ms. Boonstra as NOM's director and have great confidence in the future of NOM with her at the helm."

Ms. Dina Boonstra: "As a northerner, I can only be proud to take on this role. I look forward, together with the current NOM team, to making my contribution to strengthening the economy in the Northern Netherlands."

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