12 Young Business Award participants raised hundreds of millions in growth money
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12 Young Business Award participants raised hundreds of millions in growth money

The Young Business Award has entered a new vibrant phase. Great strides are being made with the new television program. For example, the twelve scale-ups on stage in the preliminary rounds have collectively already raised hundreds of millions of euros in growth money from investors. A record 378 companies applied for the Young Business Award this year.

The 12 contestants competing in the competition were selected from 378 companies that went before the selection committee. The Young Business Award 2022 contestants are: Amberscript, Bots, Brenger, Chordify, Dwarfs, Dyme, Go Sharing, Healix, SwipeGuide, Volta Energy, Yobbers, and Moovd.

Young Business Award in eight years of very different order

The 12 contestants can be seen weekly starting Sunday, May 15, in the new television program that will be broadcast on RTL-Z and Videoland. This year's scale-up competition consists of four preliminary rounds, in which three contestants per episode try to convince the judges of a place in the finals. "Each contestant has 60 seconds for his or her pitch during the preliminary round. After that, the jury takes control with a barrage of questions and the jury immediately decides whether or not the contestant will advance to the final episode." The final episode of the Young Business Award is the fifth TV episode and will be televised on Sunday, June 12.

Due to the new cooperation with RTL-Z and Videoland in combination with the socials, the organization expects a considerable number of viewers for the new TV program. In addition, the winner of this year's Young Business Award can also count on an investment of 1 million euros.

YBA provides access to media, market and capital

In recent years, the YBA has kept up well with the rapidly changing tech scene in the Netherlands. ''If you look back at who has been on stage here as a participant, many companies were the future then while they are now part of the present,'' it sounds. Mention is made of Somnox, Hardt Hyperloop and Felyx, among others; the latter is now an indispensable part of the cityscape with their rental scooter.

The current 12 participants include Chordify, the Groningen-based company that captures music in chords. ,,Chordify has been around for a few years as a company and has experienced tremendous growth. It's very cool to see them back in the preliminary rounds of the Young Business Award. It is unique in today's tech scene that they have grown so big without raising growth money from a venture capital fund or angel investor. Participant BOTS is again the opposite in this, the company from Amsterdam is very well known among investors and has already raised many millions of euros in growth money from investors in recent years."

And the YBA could also apply itself to the stage. The scale-up competition is developing into a full-fledged TV format that moves between Dragon's Den and The Voice. ''As an organization, we are now taking an immense step. Very cool. It is going so fast that I am curious to see where we will be in two to three years.'' The full television season of the Young Business Award can be seen weekly starting Sunday, May 15, at 5 p.m. on RTL-Z and a day later on Videoland.

Participants Young Business Award 2022

Amberscript from Amsterdam. This company quickly converts audio into text and the audio of video into subtitles. Thanks to AI, it can do it cheaply and quickly.
Bots from Haarlem. Investing via an algorithm (bot or computer program), which makes selling and buying shares happen at a logical time.
Bringer from Amsterdam. The platform that links transportation of large and unwieldy items to the professional courier who goes that way anyway. Inexpensive, easy and sustainable.
Chordify from Groningen. Music is digitally converted to chords. Convenient for musician, convenient for music lessons. More than 10 million songs have already been 'chordified'.
Dwarfs from Utrecht. Buys e-commerce companies and lets them grow in a community. Dwarfs offers the companies capital and knowledge, together they build knowledge and experience.
Dyme from Amsterdam. With simple tools on your smartphone, Dyme offers control over your personal finances. Dyme provides insight into money savings.
Go Sharing from Nieuwegein. A rental platform for e-scooters, e-bikes and e-cars. Electric shared transportation contributes to a greener planet.
Healix from Maastricht. Healix collects, sorts, pulverizes, washes and reproduces wire, rope, nets into new safely reusable plastic.
SwipeGuide from Amsterdam. This company rid the world of useless instructions. And helps in an intuitive way to improve work processes in the manufacturing industry.
Volta Energy from Duiven. Solar generators for construction and events. They are worthy replacements for diesel generators because they are green and sustainable.
Yobbers from Leeuwarden. Those looking for work abroad can find the jobs at Yobbers. Yobbers wants to inspire people to discover the world.
Moovd from Nijverdal. The company unlocks and develops innovative digital therapies for healthcare. Moovd thereby promotes mental health.

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