Better mental health with an app

Better mental health with an app

About 2.5 years ago, Jean-Luc Donders founded Coachjezelf. In collaboration with the Hanzehogeschool Groningen, he developed an app for people dealing with mental health problems. The goal? To make the direct contact between patient and caregiver more efficient so that recovery is faster.

"Liv, as the app is called, is supportive of a journey with a health care provider," Jean-Luc says. "You get all kinds of simple exercises through the app, so you work on your challenges outside of physical appointments with your health care provider. That promotes recovery. At the same time, it makes the appointments with your health care provider a lot more efficient. The latter can come back to the progress during the appointments, so you're working more concretely."

The challenge

Jean-Luc initially knocked on Flinc's door because he needed investors. At the same time, he wanted to gain knowledge about entrepreneurship, as this was his first company.

"The idea was partly on paper and partly in my head. So in retrospect, it was quite logical that they at Flinc suggested that I first get everything right on paper. In fact, they even said they couldn't help me get investors until there was a prototype. They helped me tremendously with that. Writing a business case was something new for me, but at Flinc they were able to make it very clear what it took to raise funding."

The solution

A good business case is indispensable if you want investors. But in the case of Coachjezelf, more needed to be done. "They helped me with that too at Flinc. I originally assumed it was enough to put a good idea on paper. But that turned out not to be the case. Only with a prototype could I get to the table with big investors. And I needed wireframes, for example, according to Flinc, so that people could quickly get an idea of how the app should work. I raised money in other ways to develop the prototype."

We also helped think through all sorts of other issues surrounding Coachjezelf. What about intellectual property, for example? And could Jean-Luc, for example, also receive subsidies to further shape his ideas?

"I work with 2 other associates. But because the three of you are so deep in the business, you like to have an external, neutral party to think with you. That was and is Flinc for us. They urged me several times to adjust some details in the business plan, even though I thought we were there. But I listened, and with success!"

The result

Because by now Jean-Luc already has 3 investment companies behind his idea and willing to invest. "And that would never have been possible without Flinc. It's nice that it still feels like my plan, but because of Flinc's input it has become much better. At the same time, you feel a lot more confident when you're at the table with investors. You know better what you're talking about, what you need and what you're worth."

"Furthermore, I really admire how involved they are at Flinc. I am still enthusiastically mentored and challenged. If they believe in you, they really take the time for you. They think along with you, they know what they are talking about. And now that I've found the first investors, it's time to continue developing and scaling up!"


Many budding entrepreneurs don't know what it takes to get investors. Of course it starts with a good idea, but then you're not there yet. But Flinc helps you further! Besides Jean-Luc we have helped many more entrepreneurs find their way to investors. Do you want to become investor ready? Download our whitepaper!

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