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Tim Vonk

Investment manager MKB Fonds Drenthe

Hello, nice of you to take a look at my page!

My name is Tim Vonk, born in Groningen City, but raised in Zuidhorn. After getting my bachelor's degree in Business Administration and my master's degree in International Business at the University of Groningen, I wondered if the north of the Netherlands was really the center of the world. I struggled with the thoughts: "Isn't the grass greener on the other side? Am I not a bit naive?" I put it to the test by living delightfully by the beach in The Hague for just under two years. Despite the good time, I came to the conclusion: "Nothing really beats Groningen" (and as far as I'm concerned, nothing beats the north of the country). Now I live in the far north again, and I know for sure: I'm not leaving here anymore!

I have over four years of work experience as an analyst in corporate lending at a major bank, where I helped many SME entrepreneurs in various sectors (including start-ups and scale-ups) realize their ambitious plans. However, I noticed that the impact I could make within this position was limited, the room for personal fulfillment was getting a little less each day, and it was time for something new.

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that I have been working within NOM as Investment Manager at the SME Fund Drenthe since March 1, 2024. From this role I contribute to the economy of the beautiful province of Drenthe by funding on the basis of impact, not just return. In addition, I serve as a sparring partner and/or shareholder to help companies in this region further achieve their goals. Within this position I hope to be able to make my social contribution, which of course is very important for a millennial like me 😉.

Some more personal information about me: I would describe myself as an empathetic, social, enthusiastic and ambitious person. In addition, I bring with me some Groningen sobriety and the glass is always half full. In my spare time I like to keep busy with tennis, sailing, design, wine, hiking, good food and of course going on vacation (the more adventurous the better). Scuba diving, skydiving, snowboarding, trekking through the Himalayas, taking the helicopter, I am up for anything. I also love discovering new hobbies, where I am currently learning to play guitar. Keep learning new things. As long as you enjoy what you do, the rest will come naturally.

Thanks for reading, and I very much look forward to any introductions, conversations and/or collaborations!