André Harmens 2021 01

André Harmens

Ecosystem developer HTSM

Engineering, entrepreneurship and commerce

Not for nothing are the above aspects central to my work. In my role at NOM, they come up daily and reflect my education, experience and preferences. I am motivated by conversations with entrepreneurs, by taking a look inside companies and by contributing to growth and innovation.

Knowledge of digital solutions, software, hardware, production automation and mechatronic systems forms my basis. Added to this are my commercial and management experience (25 years), entrepreneurship in the high-tech sector and an extensive network of contacts. The combination of experience, network and the themes at play in the companies I support lead to inspiring and motivating conversations and opportunities for growth and innovation that I am happy to help realize.

In my spare time, I exercise regularly, enjoy traveling that often involves mountains, and am involved in graphic design and photography. All in all for me a nice combination of active and more relaxing pursuits.

I am happy to think with you about your opportunities and challenges!