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Polyganics gives room for growth through new, state-of-the art facility on Zernike Campus

NOM portfolio company Polyganics BV, a medical technology company that develops, produces and commercializes biodegradable medical applications based on a patented polymer technology, is moving into an entirely new facility on the Zernike Campus in Groningen. The new building will provide space for state-of-the-art research laboratories, offices and extensive manufacturing and packaging facilities.

The expansion is essential for Polyganics to meet the increasing demand for Polyganics' portfolio products, which are used after nerve damage repair (PNR; Peripheral Nerve Repair) and after neurosurgical procedures. For the latter application area, Polyganics launched LIQOSEAL®, a "brain patch" on the European market in early 2020, which reduces leakage of cerebrospinal fluid after neurosurgical procedures. Starting in 2022, Polyganics also expects to meet growing European demand for ACTISEAL®, following the commercialization of this product designed to minimize fluid leakage after liver and pancreatic procedures, which can often lead to fatal outcomes. Finally, the new facility will accommodate the production of the NASOPORE® portfolio, developed by Polyganics and owned by US MedTech multinational Stryker since 2014. Polyganics is responsible for manufacturing this portfolio of applications used after Throat, Nose and Ear Surgery. About one million products are made and packed for shipment around the world each year at the company.


Polyganics attaches great importance to the sustainability of the applications developed and produced by the company. Numerous measures have been implemented in the new facility in this regard, including more than 600 solar panels on the roof.

Rudy Mareel, CEO of Polyganics: "2020 has been an eventful year on a global scale, we are proud despite these challenging circumstances to move into a beautiful building more than a year after the first pile was struck. Compared to our current facility, it will double laboratory space and triple production and packaging space. This will not only meet an increasing demand for our products, but also the need for more space for a growing number of employees; our new building can accommodate more than 140 people. We are pleased to remain based in Groningen, where we have built a strong regional network and where the majority of our employees reside. We look forward to becoming part of the vibrant Zernike Campus, which offers a wealth of opportunities for future collaboration.

More sustainable & healthier

"Polyganics sells their developed medical applications of biodegradable polymers to world players, while continuing to make the products for these parties themselves," said Gerard Lenstra, NOM project manager. "Thus, Groningen products find their way around the world, these world players find their way into the northern region and the knowledge and expertise remains in our region to form a solid basis for new innovations."

Annemieke Wouterse, investment manager NOM concurs: "We are proud of the tremendous development and growth shown by Polyganics. Polyganics is an innovative and professional company, which develops, produces and commercializes products for high-quality medical applications. This is only possible with a good and highly committed team of employees. The new building provides the basis and space for interesting next steps. A gem within the global transitions more sustainable & healthier "!

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