NOM suspends repayments and extends interest payments

NOM and the funds managed by NOM, have a portfolio of some 175 companies. That a number of these are struggling due to the corona crisis will be clear. It has therefore been decided to suspend repayments and defer interest payments when requested by a company.

Dina Boonstra, director NOM: "NOM's management team wants to be active and accommodating with requests for suspension of repayment and deferral of interest payments for a period of up to 3 months. We fully realize that this is not an adequate solution to all problems, but it can at least give a little air to the companies in the coming time. Several dozen companies have already taken advantage of this since last Monday. "

BMKB scheme

In addition to this, NOM is exploring other options to help the companies in the NOM network through the difficult times. For example, NOM, together with the other Regional Development Companies (ROMs) in the Netherlands, is in discussions with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate to get the ROMs accredited for a national guarantee scheme for bridge funding for their portfolio companies. As soon as there is more clarity on this, it will be announced. For the time being, for the current guarantee scheme such as the BMKB, the principal banker of the company in question is the first point of contact.