Invitation Northern Netherlands deserves to be circular
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Invitation Northern Netherlands Deserves Circular

Circular business is not a trendy trend, but a way to establish a healthy business while contributing to a sustainable world. But what opportunities does it offer you? And then how do you tackle that change?

During this event, Jacqueline Vaessen, figurehead of the Top Sector Chemicals and director of the energy company NexStep will outline those opportunities for you. There will also be three Northern frontrunners on stage that you can learn from; entrepreneurs who have already made great strides in the transition to a Circular business model. They will share their successes, but also the obstacles that had to be overcome. Then it's up to you to choose from the menu of the Circular Tasting. In it, you will be introduced to parties that can help you take the next step.


You can register here for the summer event of Northern Netherlands Earns Circular. At least one week in advance you will receive further information.

Location: ROC Friese Poort Drachten
Date: Wednesday, June 29
Walk-in: 14:00 hrs.
Drinks: 17:30

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