Spots Today joins the Investor Readiness Program: "We are eager to continue building our dream."

Spots Today is participating in Flinc's Investor Readiness Program: "We are eager to continue building on our dream."

Kevin Delgado, together with Riklis Kartowidjojo, is co-founder of Spots Today: an app that provides a single overview of all empty seats at nearby barber stores. Customers can easily see where they can go for a haircut. An impulse appointment is thus easily made. Win-win for both hairdresser and customer. Delgado came up with the idea for the app from his own experience: he cut himself through his two studies. "Basically a hobby that got out of hand," he laughs. "Ever since I was 12, I've been cutting friends and acquaintances. Later I rented chairs at local barber stores. That's how I paid for my studies in Real Estate and Brokerage and Business Administration. I still have a lot of passion for hairdressing, but I don't just want to cut anymore. The same goes for my companion."

Better business case in twelve weeks

In September, he launched Flinc's Investor Readiness Program. In twelve weeks, start-ups with an innovative concept are prepared to raise funding. Through taking master classes and Flinc's expert advice, as well as feedback from other entrepreneurs in the program, all the important facets of the business case in preparation for a funding application are covered. "During the kick-off, all participants had the opportunity to pitch their business case to more than 20 investors. At the end of the program we will do that again. The intention, of course, is that the pitch will be better then and ideally an investor will hook up with our case."

"With an investor, you enter into a kind of marriage."

Although that is not the main reason Delgado accepted the invitation from NOM and Flinc. "Above all, I want an improved business case, because I believe that an investment will then naturally follow. Having an investor does not necessarily mean that the business case is good, of course. If we meet an investor with whom it clicks, that's a good thing, but it's still a kind of marriage you enter into with each other. Then you can and should even both take an honest look at the mutual expectations towards each other, the expectations for the future and the mutual trust." He and his associate can know: they previously raised an investment. This investment allowed them to build the first version of the app. Now that the app is ready to use, it's time to move into sales and marketing. "And that costs money. We need to get users on both sides: both paying barbershops and those looking for a cut. That is why a new financial impulse is welcome. Then we can really let go" Delgado said.

Seasoned investors

Delgado is looking forward to the coming weeks and is looking forward to the pitch at the end of the program. "That will be listened to by really experienced and seasoned investors with valuable feedback. For the realization of Spots, we have already raised an investment that consisted of capital and decisive guidance. We look forward to new investments that contribute to the further development of our dream."

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