NOM Talks Episode 7 - Talent in the Northern Netherlands
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NOM Talks Episode 7 - Talent in the Northern Netherlands

In the seventh episode of NOM Talks, Harrie Buurlage, Vice President of Global Sales and Europe SHINE Medical Technologies, Leofwin Visman, Managing Director IBM Innovation Center Europe and Arjen Edzes, Lecturer Regional Labor Market | School of Law | Hanse University of Applied Sciences are guests. They will engage in a discussion with Wim A,B. and Rob Drees of NOM on the topic of "Talent in the Northern Netherlands. In the column, a number of students are asked if they would like to stay in the Northern Netherlands after their studies.

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For more on this topic, see the article "Having trouble with recruitment and retention? Make your people happy!

View the website of SHINE Medical Technologies View the IBM Innovation Center Europe website View the website of the Hanze University of Groningen

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