How is funding arranged?

How is funding arranged?

We have a preference for innovative companies. Often these are precisely the entrepreneurs who do not get credit at a regular bank because they are too risky. We have no cold feet. And our funding starts as low as 50,000 euros.

Subordinated loan or equity?

Funding from NOM can consist of a subordinated loan or equity. We do not do this indefinitely, but within an agreed period. What is the difference? With a share capital, NOM gets a say in the company. You don't have to pay interest and redemption immediately. This often happens with high investments. For lower amounts, we offer funding starting at 50,000 euros, a subordinated loan is also possible. Subordinated means that we are at the back of the queue when there is not enough money to pay creditors. First the tax authorities get money, then the bank, then all the creditors and only then us.

Check if you are eligible for funding

A first step to see if you qualify for NOM funding is by doing the funding check. In 8 steps, you then quickly go through the most important criteria. And does it seem that you are NOM-proof? Then it's time for the next step. An interview with one of our investment managers. Sounds chic, but they are just a couple of down-to-earth men and women who will investigate whether they see bread in your plan. So make sure your business plan stands like a house.