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Start and grow with a convertible loan

Ytsen Van Der Meer 2021 03 Ytsen van der Meer

As a startup, you can often use a financial push in the right direction. You start looking for a suitable loan, but which loan best suits your situation and growth ambitions?

Who knows, maybe a convertible loan is just what you're looking for. In this webinar, investment manager Ytsen van der Meer explains exactly how a convertible loan will help you start or grow!

What is a convertible loan?

Basically, a convertible loan is just like any other loan: you need money to grow or invest in your business and you enter into an agreement with a lender. What makes a convertible loan different? You enter into an agreement on a money loan and it can be converted into shares in your company at a later date.

Why a convertible loan?

With a convertible loan, you postpone a discussion about the potential value of your company. Because your company is still young and there are few data points to make a real value calculation, valuing your company is difficult and the point of views of you and the investor will often differ. With a convertible loan, you delay this discussion into the future, when more data is available.

NOM Webinar - Starten en groeien met een converteerbare leningIn addition, you avoid discussions about shareholders' rights and obligations, and the terms of the convertible loan are straight-forward. This allows you to get started growing your business faster. Does a convertible loan fit your situation? You'll find out in this webinar!

Funding at NOM

NOM supports you in the growth and development plans of your company. Whether you have a young and promising company or want to grow in the future; we support you with various funding options. We are also here for startups. We offer capital to realize your unique plans in a risky phase. This can be done, for example, by taking out a convertible loan.

By the end of the webinar, you will know:

  • Whether a convertible loan is right for your business;
  • What the advantages and disadvantages of a convertible loan are;
  • What NOM can do for you.

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Want to know all the ins and outs of a convertible loan? In this webinar, investment manager Ytsen van der Meer explains exactly how a convertible loan helps you start or grow!