Wanted: soon-to-be influential person M/F
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Wanted: soon-to-be influential person M/F

NOM is looking for new names. To be precise: new members of the permanent advisory bodies officially called "Investment Committee. Committee, that sounds like a very important and beautiful task, right?

"And it is!" Rob Drees, NOM Regional Funds Team Leader, can't make anything else out of it. NOM, that's the investment and development company for the Northern Netherlands. Rob is happy to explain the purpose of this call: "Entrepreneurs with plans fortunately know how to find us. Now we are turning it around for once; we want to find people, who themselves have experience as SME entrepreneurs. To make decisions in our regional funds: Investeringsfonds Groningen, MKB Fonds Drenthe, the FOM for Friesland and the Groninger Groeifonds. We're all about local entrepreneurs who want to help other entrepreneurs get ahead, even if it's through an anonymous detour at the conference table. Getting a social return, spending money wisely, that's what it's all about. You can put it this way from me: I want to contribute directly to healthy entrepreneurship in my province!"

What will I do, as an investment committee member?

  • As a regular member of an investment committee, you advise management from time to time on proposed investments. Definitely do, rather not do. Perhaps ever do, except if . . . .
  • How. You also dare to be stubborn, against the grain, always with good reason. Even though an investment may seem so attractive and obvious, your inner voice overwhelmingly says no. Call it business knowledge, patience, common sense, gut feeling or Fingerspitzengefühl (NOM invests and innovates as well as internationalizes), preferably based on concrete previous experience, personally or as a critical and analytical follower of the market.
  • Practical. Basically meet once a month, yearly usually about 4-10 times. Count on 5-7 hours per meeting including preparation; perhaps immediately the time you spend most usefully, enjoyable too.

Why me?

If this were an ordinary vacancy, we would say:

  • You have integrity, independence, sharp mindedness, independence, you know something about investments and funding, you know the value of money, for example as an SME entrepreneur or in a role with a start-up or early stage project, feel free to fill in yourself.
  • You have the heart in the right place, you understand what people want.
  • You wanted to be meaningful to society; but you didn't know exactly how (even more).
  • You have an affinity for courageous entrepreneurs and do-gooders. Maybe you are one yourself?

In short: your chance for unexpected, interesting experiences, fun encounters, a privileged peek into the kitchen of other entrepreneurs, and a thick hand in everything innovative, groundbreaking or necessary. You will become a small but indispensable part of the engine of the northern economy. You will make new friends. And you'll learn something yourself in the meantime.

What exactly am I going to do, at NOM?

You really need Rob Drees for that. Call him, because he can explain it in detail. Phone 06 549 614 67, E-mail: drees@nom.nl

Good to know in advance

Where does the carefully invested money from our funds actually end up? Why there and not somewhere else? How do the funds that NOM manages - and NOM's permanent advisors! - making the business world bit by bit more sustainable, healthier and smarter? Read an issue of our publication the NOMMER and you'll already know a whole lot more.