Strength of the North shows then, now and soon in economic Northern Netherlands

Strength of the North shows then, now and soon in economic Northern Netherlands

The rise of the dairy industry, the success of the health sector, developments thanks to the Lelyline. Typical topics about which (soon) more can be read and seen on NOM created that platform to showcase opportunities and activities in the North, and also to look back on the past half century.

NOM 1974 - 2024

50th anniversary of NOM. This anniversary is an excellent opportunity to look back at how things were, to be proud of what has been, and to build on the future with good courage and confidence. As NOM, we don't just tell ourselves that. We lovingly and proudly let all players have their say who play a role in the timeline from then to later.

After all, the Northern Netherlands is buzzing. Entrepreneurship and good ideas abound, as do technical breakthroughs and innovations. Some of these are so promising that they enable the Northern Netherlands to set an example to the rest of the world. On Power of the North you can see which developments they are.

NOM identifies six promising subareas on the platform and wants to keep everyone informed of the major movements within them. These are the smart manufacturing industry, green chemistry, energy transition, food production 2.0, healthy living and the manufacturing industry. Each of these are subareas in which the North's authority is great, or growing. In each there are unique players who evoke a common northern pride. The projects are so wonderful that everyone should know about them, especially people from outside the Northern Netherlands.

Pride of and for the North

Think of the platform as a showcase for companies, institutions and initiatives moving in those sub-areas in the North. And especially for initiatives that move across and between those sub-areas. Because connecting is one of the objectives. Not only of NOM, but also of the Power of the North. On paper, the platform belongs to NOM, but in essence it belongs to the entire Northern Netherlands. Participating and joining in is something we warmly welcome. More sustainable, healthier, smarter in word and image.

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