Participate in the 2023 Sustainable Thirty election
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Participate in the 2023 Sustainable Thirty election

Have you, your neighborhood or your business recently started a new sustainable initiative and do more people need to know about it? Then this is your chance!

The Sustainable Thirty includes a selection of thirty innovative and progressive projects and enterprises that have been started and/or conceived in Drenthe, Friesland or Groningen and want to contribute to a sustainable future.

No plans or promising vistas, the entries are active. They are innovative, preferably born locally from passion and have a story to tell that inspires others - people, neighborhoods, associations, governments and/or businesses. Through the activities and opportunities of Northern Netherlands deserves Circular and participating in the Sustainable Thirty, they can continue to grow. By sustainable we mean: environmentally friendly, circular, social justice, resource-saving and human health, in short: a contribution to a better world.

In addition to the 2023 Sustainable Thirty charter, a total of €200,000 in media budget can be earned in three categories. With this you can introduce your idea to the whole of the Northern Netherlands.


We distinguish three categories:

  • People and Environment: entries in this category help individuals, (neighborhood) associations or municipalities make a sustainable contribution by encouraging or making easy sustainable habits at home, in the street, neighborhood, village or city.
  • Innovations: companies offering a new/innovative product or service that measurably contributes to a more sustainable world.
  • Making business more sustainable: submissions in this category contribute to improving internal processes to make the company perform in a measurably more sustainable, circular way. For example, through reuse or smart energy conservation. Impact for people, planet and profit. In other words: value for people, the planet and as a sustainable business model.

The contest works as follows:

There are two prizes for each category: a jury considers the entries and, in addition, there is a public award. The goal is to make the best sustainable northern initiatives shine by bringing them to the attention of the widest possible audience. This is done through the channels of the daily and weekly newspapers of Mediahuis Noord and the channels of the partners of Northern Netherlands deserves Circular.

What to expect

Applications are open until May 7, 2023. During the week of May 8-11, the jury will consider this year's Sustainable Thirty. On 16 May you will receive an email from us with the results of the jury. You will then know whether you are through to the public round of the Sustainable Thirty. From 29 May to 24 June the public can vote for their favorite in the Sustainable Thirty. Call all your relations, partners, friends and/or family to vote for your initiative.

On June 26-30, the public votes will be counted and the jury will deliberate to determine the winners. On Thursday, July 6, the winners will be announced on the final day at the Sluisfabriek in Drachten.

Win a media budget worth €100,000!

A media budget totaling €200,000 is waiting for the jury prize winners: €50,000 for the winner per category and another €50,000 for the overall winner. The audience prize stands for € 25,000 to spend in the media of Mediahuis Noord.

If you have or know of an initiative that qualifies for the sustainable thirty, register it here.

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