NewAge Industries

NewAge® Europe B.V. to Coevorden

The American company NewAge Industries Inc. will establish its first European location for the production of high-quality hoses and tubes at De Hare industrial estate in Coevorden. The new company operates under the name NewAge Europe B.V. and will eventually employ some 65 people.

NewAge Industries Inc. is an international organization that manufactures high-quality liquid transfer systems for the biopharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, among others. The company has global markets and is an independent organization. It is headquartered in Southampton, Pennsylvania (USA), just north of the city of Philadelphia and less than a two-hour drive from New York City and Washington, D.C. The manufacturing process involves the extrusion of silicones, where platinum-cured silicones of high purity are converted into flexible hoses and tubes of various diameters. From the Coevorden facility, products will be distributed to customers, primarily within Europe and Asia.

Site selection

Mr. Ken Baker, CEO of the parent company in the United States: "We see Coevorden as a strategic base for our European operations, with the U.S. parent company particularly enamored with the decisive manner and short lines of communication in which to operate in an environment that offers staff a perfect home-work balance." NewAge Industries was supported in this investment project by the Province of Drenthe, the Municipality of Coevorden, N.V. NOM, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and Buck Consultants International.

Regional impact

The province of Drenthe and the municipality of Coevorden welcome the American company's decision to locate in Coevorden. Director Henk Brink of the province of Drenthe: "This company has investigated dozens of locations in the Netherlands. We are very proud that this international company has chosen Drenthe to manufacture products at a high level for the biopharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. This strengthens the economic profile of our province in general and the health economy in particular."

Alderman Steven Stegen of the Municipality of Coevorden: "I think it is very nice to see that we as Coevorden are a good location for these kinds of companies. It underlines the value of profiling the Dutch Tech Zone as a region for the manufacturing industry, also for internationally operating companies. This is really an asset for Coevorden economically but also for employment."

Project manager Wubbo Everts of the NOM was involved in the site selection process from the beginning. He especially praises the company's social character: "NewAge Industries has been employee-owned since 2006. CEO Ken Baker has transferred his shares over the past 15 years to ensure the survival of the company. Also, the company is B Corp certified - this seal of approval indicates that social as well as sustainable business is highly valued. This very combination is called 'the best of both worlds' because it strengthens corporate sustainability."