Getting started with Smart Industry
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Getting started with Smart Industry

And the Smart Industry Hub will help you along!

Smart Industry. Industry 4.0. Smart Industry. All terms for a far-reaching digitization of devices, means of production and organizations. Think of digital linking and smart control of machines, processes and the entire supply chain, making production much more efficient. Extremely interesting for a lot of companies, of course, but where do you start? What possibilities are there and how do you know exactly what you need? How do you get money and knowledge and make sure you actually take the right steps?

On Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021, NOM hosted a webinar Getting Started with Smart Industry in which André Harmens (NOM; partner Smart Industry Hub North, and IBDO - I Am Drenthe Entrepreneur) and Carl Schultz(Ynbusiness; partner Smart Industry Hub North) demonstrated in half an hour the positive impact that working on Smart Industry has had on entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands.

Smart Industry Hub North

To guide these entrepreneurs, the Smart Industry Hub North was established. A platform of organizations in the Northern Netherlands that are important to industry. Think industry associations, field labs and knowledge institutions. The goal? To help and support all companies in the manufacturing and process industry in the three northern provinces to become smarter. Smart Industry Hub Noord is supported and made possible by the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EKZ) and the Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland (SNN). The NOM is initiator and spokesperson. The advantage of this strong collaboration: you are supported as a company in taking steps towards a smarter factory. With a better competitive position and greater profitability.

"We thought we were already doing everything very well. But the assessment really gave us insight into where we could improve."

Jan Geerts, CEO at GeTech

Assessment: understanding the current situation and tomorrow's ambition

Every company is different, is at a different point and therefore needs something different. Are you interested in what Smart Industry can do for your company? Then contact us for an intake. You tell us all about your company and we will explain everything about what we do. If there is a match, you can do an assessment. An assessment consists of 2 sessions of 2 hours. We discuss 9 transformations and 18 business competencies. Preferably we do this with all disciplines of your company.

After the assessment you will receive a report with an explanation of the current situation, opportunities for the future and what is needed to achieve this. Do not see the report as a closing but rather as a good beginning of new, smart possibilities! Meanwhile, almost 50 assessments have been carried out with only positive reactions.

And after that?

Just a report won't help you of course. The goal of Smart Industry Hub North is to bring together question and answer. Therefore, after the assessment we can put you in touch with, for example:

  • Consultants who can help you further with a specific issue
  • Companies that provide software that helps your business move forward
  • Organizations that can train your employees

In addition, we regularly offer master classes and workshops on specific topics, which you can attend for free. These always involve knowledge institutions as well as experts from the field.

Personal contact about Smart Industry opportunities?

You can do so with no obligation! We will be happy to explain what we do and how we could help you. If you like, we can schedule an intake right away.