NOM Talks Episode 10A - Diversity and Inclusion at Companies in the Northern Netherlands
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"Have you only been at it for such a short time?

How do you deal with diversity and inclusion? With whom do we define what success is and then become successful? Businesses and organizations are constantly changing to improve themselves. In this episode of NOM Talks, NOM's podcast series, we talk about this with entrepreneurs and experts. About seizing opportunities and averting threats. Because entrepreneurs are expected to do the right things and make the right choices.

This episode of NOM Talks is also the second part of the mini-series on diversity and inclusion. This time a conversation with two entrepreneurs as well as experts by experience about the challenges and opportunities the theme brings. In these episodes, Jellie Tiemersma (DGA Personal Too) and Serge de Mul (founder Ultraware) join us. With her company, Tiemersma inspires people and organizations to change and helps ensure that everyone gets involved, in such a way that talents reach their full potential. De Mul's Ultraware builds innovative software that leaves the planet more beautiful, with a team of do-gooders.

Working hard

That the two are no strangers to diversity and inclusion quickly becomes clear. Wim A,B., now known with certainty as NOM's podcast host, is confident that he has two guests at the table who have "sufficient drive and experience with the subject. An example about De Mul: resumes go "out the window" at Ultraware: anyone with passion is welcome. Tiemersma is literally experiencing firsthand what this episode's theme means: she is visually impaired. "But that doesn't have to limit you.

In his introduction to this episode, host Wim A,B. calls diversity and inclusion magic words. That implies some kind of magic: clap your hands twice - or in this case, name the terms - and as a matter of course, your company will start producing better results. That that reasoning doesn't hold water, A,B.'s table guests and his ever-faithful "podcast wingman" Rob Drees know all too well. Anyone who wants to (keep) a diverse and inclusive organization has to work hard.

Low on the agenda

That ever-faithful better half, by the way, is surprised in this episode by a question from his host. How does he now think about the subject, A,B. wants to know. Tiemersma is sharp and immediately asks a question of his own. "Have you only been at it for such a short time? Inserted as a joke, but it does indicate how low on the agenda the subject still is for many people (in the North). Preparation for a podcast as an incentive to delve into it.

That work on the job is really needed is also evident in the sidekick's response. Indeed, thinking aloud, Drees joins colleague Jeroen van Onna (Investment Manager), who shared his perspective in the first part of the diptych on diversity and inclusion. We already wrote the following about that:

Van Onna takes "an equal starting point for everyone as a matter of course" and honestly expresses surprise that that is still not the case. 'It almost sounds discriminatory to the ears of the other side.' His side. Not shown in audio recording, but Van Onna is cis-man, white and highly educated. 'We've gotten to that point, haven't we? Apparently not.'

Want to know about diversity and inclusion within the NOM organization? Listen to the first episode of the NOM Talks diptych here, with Jeroen van Onna and Leonie Ebbes (Business Developer):

Practical Tips

This episode of NOM Talks - like the previous ones on the same topic - is also about the practical side of diversity and inclusion. How do you tackle it in your own organization? A nice reminder that diversity and inclusion is not just about gender, origin and language, but much more, Tiemersma provides with an example of her own. Her arrival at NOM did not come naturally. 'The door normally opens by itself: it didn't. What proved difficult for me: I couldn't automatically find the button I used to get the door open.'

Those looking for practical tips and where to start will once again find some answers in the second episode of NOM Talks on diversity and inclusion. NOM also developed a practical toolkit, with all the tips you need to use diversity and inclusion as a means to promote innovation and increase the success of your business.