Management of funds

Is NOM there for entrepreneurs? Without a doubt! But does that get us everything? No. Because we also do fund management for funds that focus on the Northern Netherlands. We do everything from legal support, investment management and administration to reporting and control.

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Administration fear

Do you love managing a fund yourself, but lie awake over the administrative tasks? Then we'll divide the tasks, right? You do the acquiring and take the investment decisions, we take care of the contracting, accounting and accountability. Whether you want to outsource just the administration or the entire fund management: our team is there for you. We currently manage the MKB Fund Drenthe, the Investment Fund Groningen, the FOM Fund and the GROEI Fund. And of course the NOM funds as well.

We have compiled an overview of the funds plus the companies funded by these funds on the Money For Growth website.

Young or mature

Would you like to get rid of your fund management worries? Then NOM may be the solution. There are a few things that a fund must meet in order to be included in a Nommer's portfolio: the focus of the fund must be on the Northern Netherlands and on SMEs, and it must be a business investment fund. Furthermore, we believe it is important that the funds we manage have a social interest and are not for profit. So much for the requirements. Whether you have a large or small fund, have been around for years or are just starting out? We're happy to help.