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As TopDutch-H-F-A-, we believe that the Northern Netherlands is the innovation hotspot for a Healthier World. By starting an alliance for companies, governments agencies and knowledge institutes, we boost innovations in the field of -Health -Food-Agribusiness- on an international scale. We strive to find the optimal balanced food products regarding proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and water. Focus on the development of sustainable and innovative Food Ingredients like nutritional and functional plant protein and are experts in researching the effect of these novel foods on the human body.

Investment & development agency NV NOM together with Campus Groningen will be your host and guides in the TopDutch-H-F-A- network to find the right knowledge and business partners in the Northern Netherlands like: Royal AVEBE, Royal Friesland Campina, Royal Cosun, HZPC, University of Groningen, USAP Hanze and Van Hall, CCC, UMCG medical centre, a vibrant start-up scene in both biotech and life science, pilot plant facilities and many more!

Why do we have great opportunities in the chain of -Health-Food-Agribusiness-

  1. Strong Bulk Agriculture Grass-Potato-Sugar Beet
  2. Strong Processing sector Feed, Ingredients, Food, Pharma and Chemistry
  3. Long lasting experience in Plant valorization to multiple market segments
  4. Lifelines cohort & gut content health knowledge
  5. Pilot facilities for Agri & Food & Processing & Water & Chemistry


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Joep de Vries MSc Sven Stielstra
jdevries@nom.nl s.stielstra@triade.umcg.nl
+31 6 253 926 71 +31 63 814 0283


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