I am looking for a network


You can grow fast as an entrepreneur, but without a solid network you won't sustain that growth. NOM has a broad network and we are happy to introduce you to everyone. How do we do that? We organize meetings, for example, and we bring together entrepreneurs with shared interests. That way you can spar with like-minded people and experts. Running a growing business can also raise all sorts of questions and dilemmas. How fast do you want to grow? How do you market yourself well? And do you have sufficient insight into your target market? Either we help you further yourself or we link you to an advisor who can help you further with knowledge and experience.

Network alliances

It is wonderful to work on an innovative plan as an entrepreneur. Even more wonderful is to share knowledge or enter into a collaboration with a group of entrepreneurs. NOM also facilitates this. We are happy to bring together entrepreneurs with complementary knowledge and equipment.
We do this, for example, in the Region of Smart Factories (ROSF). Here, forty northern entrepreneurs work together to develop smart factories. But there is more. Just look at where else we have taken up the director's role to get entrepreneurs to work together.