More about NOM Innovate


At NOM, we like to think with you and we also like to connect you with other entrepreneurs. This not only ensures a solid network, but it also allows for knowledge exchange and carrying out promotion and acquisition. And of course in finding and training good personnel.

Who is NOM Innovate for?

For any entrepreneur with a good idea in Fryslân, Groningen or Drenthe. Perhaps your idea fits within an existing cluster or we can put you in touch with someone from our network who is relevant to you.

When we think that clustering ideas will ensure success, we set up a project. In the past 5 years, we have already brought together more than 200 companies in 25 projects.

Successful projects

In Food2020, companies from the Netherlands and Germany are working together on the future of the food industry. For example, they are experimenting with new processing, sustainable production and looking at the consequences of improved working conditions.

In the Water Alliance, more than 100 companies work together in the field of water technology. For example, they investigate how to clean wastewater from the textile industry and introduce sensor technology to large drinking water suppliers.

Forty companies from the Northern Netherlands are working together in Region of Smart Factories on the Factory of the Future. The focus is on products and production processes. Later, education and research should also play an important role.

Innovation power of the Northern Netherlands