Saloni Mangla

Saloni Mangla

Junior Online Content Marketer

From the bustling streets of Delhi to the charming city of Groningen in the Netherlands, my journey is a testament to breaking barriers and embracing new horizons. As a full-time student and part-time creator, I revel in the contrast of my dual roles, challenging conventional norms every step of the way.

Growing up in India, where family and tradition often dictate one's path, I proudly wear the title of "chaos maker." From the onset, I've dared to defy expectations, particularly as the first in my family to venture abroad for a master's degree as a bachelor.

My professional trajectory has been equally unconventional. With over five years immersed in marketing and communications, I've orchestrated memorable campaigns for industry giants such as VIVO, OPPO, and Google. From product launches to high-profile events like the Miss India Pageant, I've thrived in the fast-paced world of below-the-line media.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a pivotal shift in my career journey. Transitioning to remote work, I found myself at the forefront of digital innovation as a marketing specialist at Gartner. Leading European initiatives, I navigated the complexities of online events with ease, further refining my skill set in an ever-evolving landscape.

However, it was my desire for personal and professional growth that led me to pursue a master's degree in media creation and innovation at University of Groningen. The allure of exploring new creative prospects and honing my analytical competence proved irresistible. My interview experience with TopDutch was nothing short of an adventure.

Now, as I immerse myself in the vibrant academic community of Groningen, I find myself on a transformative path of self-discovery. Each day presents a fresh opportunity to evolve creatively, learning from my esteemed colleagues at TopDutch and embracing the nuances of Dutch culture. My journey is one of resilience, curiosity, and unwavering determination, propelled by a relentless pursuit of excellence in both academia and creativity.