Martijn Derks

Martijn Derks

Financial legal assistant

Nice that I caught your attention!

Since the summer of 2023, I have been part of Fonds Support Noord, a department primarily focused on investment funds for the North. Here I am particularly assigned to the Groninger GROEIfonds and the Frisian Development Company (FOM).

Once the investment deals with the entrepreneurs are finalized and the company enters one of our funds, FSN comes into play. By drawing up contracts we try to implement the completed deals as quickly as possible and provide the entrepreneur with his or her growth money. We also take care of (part of) the portfolio management as well as the reporting & control part.

Working for NOM is parallel to working for regional entrepreneurs or our regional economy, in other words a great place to make a difference to society. Secretly the most interesting startups from the region pass by NOM, this in combination with the dynamic environment and the great colleagues give me a lot of energy.

Originally I come from Drenthe but I have been living in Grunn for a while now. Although I do not speak with an accent or describe myself as a provincial, I certainly feel like a proud northerner. According to Google I live in the most photographed street of the city where I really enjoy living.

In my free time, I like to explore the geographical landscape of NOM by motorcycle or cruise the canals with friends in the summer. Outside the northern frameworks, I can get very excited about Italy or Vietnam, its culinary heritage or not ... nom nom nom nom.... I could write a page full of that, but let's keep it businesslike for now.