Maaike Banus

Maaike Banus

Communications Advisor

Nice of you to read this piece about me, it gives you a little insight into my life and who I am.

Believing that having fun is a prerequisite, I long ago set a goal of doing or learning something new at least once every 5 years. And this attitude has brought me to particularly fun and surprising places.

For example, I am a graphic design graduate, I have papers for2nd grade drawing teacher, I am a licensed self-employed cook and I have a degree in marketing & communications. I also call myself a cynologist, ride horses and am fluent in Swedish.

After graduating from college and grad school, I started working as a graphic designer for a company that put out franchise formulas for real estate agencies. There I took care of the national advertising campaigns, among other things. After seven years, I quit my job and moved abroad. The adventure beckoned. As a ZZP'er I continued as a designer for a while, but after four years I had the opportunity to stop this too. We moved again and then I threw myself into remodeling the new house. Serious remodeling. A little more than pasting wallpaper or laying a floor. Type loft and roof off (demolition is not that hard) and then rebuild. Three bedrooms, bathroom and attic. Water, electricity, drains, venting, insulation, putting up walls, putting up frames and doors. I can do it. Super tightly delivered and with an eye for detail. En passant, we turned an old indoor stable into a luxurious living kitchen and built new stables for the animals. That was a crazy (and educational) time. Where? In Sweden. We lived there for more than 10 years. Why? Because we could and because it was fun.

Besides remodeling, I also went back to school and got my degree in all-round cooking. Why? Because it seemed like fun and it was! I worked at an insane high class establishment with its own helipad and also on call at the kitchens of the municipality where I lived. That's how you get somewhere and talk to someone. A fantastic time where I was cooking for customers of the Koenigsegg one moment and for children of an elementary school the next (tip for the Netherlands: warm, freshly prepared lunches are served at every school in Sweden, which provides nutrition, connection and satiation: the ultimate basis for moving forward).

Since 2021, I have been living with my family in the Netherlands again. When my brother heard we were coming back, he asked me: what are you going to do when you get here? I answered that I didn't know exactly yet, but that I would like to go back into marketing/communications. Then he said he knew something for me: join him in the company. Long story short: together with my brother I now have a company that packs buildings with greenery. Or to put it another way: we install green roofs and walls in the Northern Netherlands.

And now you finally read why you came to me here: I also work for NOM. Because I have a duo job on my own. Here I enjoy working as a communications consultant with a focus on events. Both jobs fit me very well and complement each other, because they reflect who I am and what I stand for.

I like variety, lots of it, hassle and people. And both jobs contribute to creating a pleasant working and living environment in the three northern provinces. I take on challenges to stay sharp and because I want to use my time to the fullest. Because having fun is a requirement for me!