Hans Praat 2021 02

Business Developer Smart Industry

The manufacturing industry runs like a thread through my career. First as a researcher and policy advisor, then as a consultant, and now as an experienced developer of innovation projects, I am in the middle of the field.

The foundation was laid with my studies in Economic Geography at the University of Nijmegen. Economic Geography is about the economy of regions, so in terms of work I always stayed close to my education. Then I went to TNO in Delft where I worked on sector and technology foresight and regional innovation policy, gradually focusing on the manufacturing industry and high-tech companies. The last two years I worked for TNO in Russia on a large EU project on technology policy.

After 10 years at TNO, I switched to Berenschot in Utrecht where I did mainly strategy consulting for suppliers and developing sector roadmaps. During that time I published a lot about the manufacturing and supply sector, together with the FME, among others, and developed tools for entrepreneurs, including the Nevat Maturity Assessment and the Demand Chain Navigator. During that time, I also set up the Twente Modules Group, a well-known partnership between suppliers in the Twente region.

I joined NOM in 2005 as a business developer for the manufacturing industry. Over the years, an extensive ecosystem has developed from this, in which we develop themes and implement innovation programs together with companies, institutions and governments. The current themes are: Industry 4.0 and Smart Industry, digitization and Artificial Intelligence, Smart Factory and Green Industry.

My current roles and activities are:

I also enjoy supporting Northern governments and organizations on SME, innovation and the manufacturing industry and am active nationally and internationally in the field of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.

I live in the Haren, am married to Charlotte and we have two sons who are studying.