NOM Webinar - What is your customer really waiting for?
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Webinar: What is your customer really waiting for?

You have an idea! And that idea, after many rounds of honing, has been translated into an innovative product that you really believe in. You are convinced that your potential customer is just as enthusiastic about the product as you are. And so you think it's time to go to market.

But ... have you asked yourself that one important question? Is your customer actually waiting for this? Haven't you come up with a solution that has no problem at all?

NOM Webinar – Waarop zit jouw klant écht te wachten?Oops, suddenly realize you haven't talked to your potential customers enough? Don't panic, you're not the only one. Many startup - and even experienced entrepreneurs went before you. Because yes, once you yourself are convinced ... how can someone else not be. However, the logical reality is that a customer won't buy the product if he doesn't need it.

But how do you ensure that you can perfect your product or service without losing sight of the customer's problem? On Thursday, December 16, Leonie Ebbes and Reno Minnema gave a webinar with useful tips on how to develop a product or service that your customer really wants.