NOM Webinar - Diversity & inclusiveness
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Webinar - Diversity & inclusiveness

What can an organization, a company, a team, an investor do today to promote diversity and inclusion and why should you do it especially?

On June 10, we gave a webinar in which Ellen Ploeger and Annemarie Atema provided tips on how to address this issue. This will give entrepreneurs food for thought, as will investors, directors and executives.

Despite numerous studies showing that mixed teams perform better, there is still too little focus on diversity. This is also true in the world of startups and funders. For example, over the past twelve years, some ninety percent of the growth money spent in the Netherlands went to startups with only men at the helm.

You want to do something with this theme, but where do you start and how do you work it out? What does committing to diversity and inclusiveness actually get your company?

In half an hour, Ellen and Annemarie update you and also share some tips. To get you started!

The benefit of the other. On diversity and inclusion
The benefit of the other. On diversity and inclusion

In this white paper you will learn:

  • That diversity and inclusion further advance businesses
  • How difficult it can be to set aside your own prejudices
  • What steps you need to take to make work toward greater diversity

    Please note that this whitepaper is only available in Dutch at the moment. We are in the process of translating this whitepaper.