Tubber wants to contribute to a better environment with TubbAsoup action
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Tubber wants to contribute to a better environment with TubbAsoup action

Have you noticed an increasing amount of plastic waste in the water? Worldwide, this is a growing problem, where Dutch initiatives such as the Ocean Clean Up are trying to find a solution on a large scale. But you can also do your own part. Based on the motto a better environment starts with yourself, Groningen-based Tubber has started an action.

'Every year, thousands of people travel the world via Tubber, on their way to a wonderful sailing vacation,' explains Tubber's CEO, Tessa van der Valk. 'Globally, the amount of plastic soup in the water is increasing, this is alarming and got us thinking. We think it would be great if we could all do our bit. Hence we started the TubbAsoup action.'

Four Hours....TubbAsoup

This action involves Tubber asking all its guests to personally contribute to a better environment by fishing some plastic out of the water every day at four o'clock, under the banner: Four Hours....TubbAsoup. To encourage this, Tubber is making available some original Ocean Clean Up sunglasses made from recycled plastic from the ocean. By doing so, Tubber hopes to encourage its guests and other water sports enthusiasts to actually help and raise awareness. Together towards a cleaner sea!

About Tubber

Tubber is a team of avid sailors who love sun, sea and sailing. This team helps anyone with sailing needs to find their perfect sailing vacation. Since 2010 the Tubber team has been helping people find their ideal sailing yacht, catamaran or motor yacht. Tubber knows the local charter companies personally and only offers yachts from bona fide partners. Every year Tubber helps tens of thousands of holidaymakers find their ideal sailing vacation and is ready 24/7 to take all the worries out of their hands.

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