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On Thursday, March 18, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Flinc is hosting the online IBM Software Development Masterclass in partnership with IBM.

This master class is especially for startups that are about to start or are in the process of developing their product. But also for startups that are in the process of further development, this master class can offer new insights. Do you want to learn more about how to develop software and how to do it efficiently and cost-effectively? Then this master class is definitely for you!

The following topics will be covered during this master class:
- Introduction to IBM Cloud
- Demo IBM Cloud
- AI architecture/possibilities
- How can IBM support a startup
- Q&A

The language of instruction in this master class is English. Of course there is plenty of room to ask questions to the experts during the master class. If you do this before the start of the master class, we will take these with us during the master class. During the online master class you will meet fellow entrepreneurs who are also working on this topic.

About the speakers

For this masterclass, we partnered with IBM. A company best known to the general public for the first IBM Personal Computer. IBM's core activities include designing and selling computer hardware, software, technology and services in the IT sector. On behalf of IBM, Sieds Eitens, Senior solution architect IBM Cloud will take you through the possibilities of IBM Cloud and the opportunities for startups at IBM.

Sign up

You can sign up for this master class by contacting Gerieke Been. She can be reached at 06 112 865 53 or via e-mail

We hope to see you on Thursday, March 18!