Registrations open for 3rd edition Market Readiness Program
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Registrations open for 3rd edition Market Readiness Program

Do you think you know who your customers are, but sometimes wonder why there are no queues for your product or service yet? Or do you think you know who your ideal customer is, but sometimes wonder why your first paying customer is not there yet? Then the Market Readiness Program is for you!

The third edition of the Market Readiness Program will launch on September 27, 2022 where you will be supported to prepare for a successful market entry or scale-up.

What will you do?

The Market Readiness Program is a ten-week program in which you test all assumptions about your customer. Questions such as 'what problem in the market am I solving and for whom is this a problem' are addressed. It is a process where we teach you how to conduct effective customer conversations to learn to think from their perspective. You conduct weekly customer calls to get focus on your early adopters within a specific customer segment so that you ultimately successfully prepare a market entry. After 6 weeks, if you have identified a customer problem worth solving, you will spend the remaining weeks working on your product and business model and your first customer's commitment. The program consists of group sessions, peer-to-peer and individual coaching.

"Thanks to the MRP, we have sharpened our vision and improved our business case through customer interviews and the many interesting discussions." Mateo Mayer, director Aquacolor Sensors

What to expect

  • You will work independently on activities aimed at conducting customer interviews to find out customer needs, but you will be coached by a business developer or investment manager from NOM.
  • Topics covered are: Defining your market and market potential, customer problem and market validation, the different customer types, honing your revenue model, optimizing your sales process to prepare a successful market entry.
  • Together with up to nine other entrepreneurs, you follow the program. By regularly sharing your progress and providing each other with feedback, you will learn from each other's mistakes and successes. These are instructive weeks!

What do we ask of you?

You are an innovative startup based in the province of Friesland, Groningen or Drenthe. You are about to enter the market and would like to connect your first paying customer or you have spent a lot of time developing a prototype and now want to involve the potential customer in the further development, or perhaps you have been active on the market for a number of years with an innovative product and are struggling to connect new customers. In all cases, you have the ambition to focus on market development.

"Gained some refreshing experiences and insights on how to organize an introduction of a new product and how to approach potential customers." Hessel Altenburg, director North Seaweed

More information?

The third edition of the MRP will begin on September 27, 2022. The group sessions take place weekly on Tuesday afternoons. More information (including how to sign up) can be found here, or contact Anouk Hummel at +31 6 557 100 04 or