Proposition Round Fund Support North (FSN).
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Proposition Round Fund Support North (FSN).

FSN is a branch within NOM that does fund management for funds targeting SMEs in the Northern Netherlands. In other words, it helps funds that support entrepreneurs in the North. The help the FSN can offer to these funds is multifaceted: from investment management, legal support and administrative tasks, to reporting and control. In this way, the resources from these regional investment funds find their way more easily to the SMEs. So that these companies can grow.

Funds under management

FSN currently manages a number of different funds: the MKB Fonds Drenthe, the Investment Fund Groningen, the FOM (Frisian Development Company), the GROEIfonds and G-Force Capital. And, of course, the funds of NOM itself. An overview of these funds plus the companies financed by these funds can be found here

Frequently asked questions to FSN


Rob Drees
Fund Manager


How did you end up at FSN?

I have been working at NOM since the end of 2012. As Investment Controller I became involved in the establishment of a number of regional investment funds. In order to manage these funds properly, FSN was founded. From the beginning I have been active as a Fund Manager.

And is that fun?

Definitely! There is so much going on in the Northern Netherlands and a lot of it passes by FSN. Working with the team in this spider's web of diversity and complexity to find the best solution is great.

What would you still like to accomplish at FSN?

Several places are brooding on setting up a (thematic) investment fund. If FSN can help such initiatives come to fruition and reach a group of entrepreneurs not currently being served, that would be tops.

What can we wake you up for?

Tickets to The Beatles' reunion concert.


Berber Bakker
Project Officer


Voorstelronde Fonds Support Noord (FSN)The Benjamin!

Haha, absolutely right. Last June I graduated from the Business Administration MER program in Leeuwarden. And since the beginning of September 2019, I have been working for NOM in the FSN department. As a fresh graduate, that of course takes some getting used to, from school to the 'big people's life', but so far I like it very much.

And what exactly are you doing?

I provide administrative support for the NOM funds and third party funds. I mainly deal with the FOM and the NOM booster fund (innovative companies from the prototype stage onwards, located in the Northern Netherlands).

Do you like that?

Yes. The nice thing about my job is that it is very varied; from making reports to figuring out a legal issue to drafting a contract. So I learn a lot very quickly.

But you probably do more than work

Fortunately. I am a real horse girl and compete in dressage with my horse. So I am already very busy with that. I also really enjoy photography.


Emma Schakel
Project Officer


Voorstelronde Fonds Support Noord (FSN)How long have you been working at NOM?

Three years in November, and with FSN from the beginning.

And what exactly are you doing?

In addition to regular work as a project officer, I have been studying the state aid issue, a very interesting and challenging topic.

What makes you really happy at FSN?

What I enjoy most is (supervising) the contract phase of a participation. I get really happy when all the signatures are done and the funding is in place,
that you were able to contribute to the completion of the contract phase.

Do you get angry when you are woken up at night?

Haha, well I'd rather not be woken up at night, but if I have to I'd like to be woken up with a cup of coffee and a piece of rhubarb pie.


Danielle van Dalfsen
Investment Analyst


Voorstelronde Fonds Support (FSN)What exactly do you do at FSN?

I started as a project officer. Since September, I have been an Investment Analyst. This is a new position and therefore an extension of FSN's tasks. I review business plans for all funds, test them against the investment frameworks and am involved in research and due diligence in areas such as the research areas of market, financial and/or legal.

What do you like most about your position?

That I get to know all the different entrepreneurs and businesses. Because of this, there is a lot of variety in my work. Every entrepreneur and company obviously does something different and has its own unique product/process.

And what would make it even more fun at FSN?

If FSN becomes more visible. Inside and outside NOM.

Heel Holland Bakt?

Well, that's going a little too far for me. But I do love good food immensely. Eating out, but also cooking and baking at home.

What do you do in your spare time?

Cooking and baking, in other words. But I also love taking distant travels. Soon Singapore and Indonesia are on the schedule. So then FSN will have to miss me for a while.


Esther Kuipers
Project Officer


Voorstelronde fonds Support NoordIn your own words, what does FSN do?

Ugh, then I can be very succinct: Fund management; from A to Z.

What is your role within FSN?

I am a project officer, which means I provide legal support, take on administrative tasks and produce reports.

And what do you like most about working in this department?

No day is the same. I love variety, which is why this position is right up my alley.

What would you like to accomplish within FSN?

100% satisfied customers. Of course, we already do our utmost for this, and we consider the appreciation of our relations to be most important.

Guilty pleasure?

Vanilla custard! You can really wake me up for that.


Ytsen van der Meer
Investment Analyst


Voorstelronde fonds Support NoordExplain, what exactly does FSN do?

FSN supports the Investment Managers with administrative tasks, portfolio analysis and investment analysis. This is important because it provides a lot of benefit to the funds.
can be achieved. There is a lot of knowledge in one central place that the different funds can use. And the money from the funds reaches the right entrepreneurs easier and faster.

And what does your job entail?

Among other things, I conduct market analyses for the Investment Managers, to form a picture of what the market characteristics look like and whether the market is moving as the entrepreneur seeking funding indicates.

What makes you happy at work?

I love being involved every day with innovation, energetic entrepreneurs and growing companies and the markets in which they operate.

What do you do when you are free?

You can often find me in the gym early in the morning or in the evening. During vacations, I like to go on adventures in faraway countries.

Please feel free to contact FSN

Do you have a business investment fund or are you considering setting up a business investment fund and are you targeting SMEs in the Northern Netherlands? And could you use support? Then get in touch soon. Whether you only want to outsource some administrative tasks, or the entire fund management.