Prominent role of northern companies and institutions in National Platform Plastics Recycling

Prominent role of northern companies and institutions in National Platform Plastics Recycling

On Feb. 4, 2021, the "National Platform Plastics Recycling" was launched as the national focal point in the Netherlands for public-private partnerships in plastics recycling. For the provinces of Drenthe, Fryslan and Groningen, this means an additional voice to achieve their goals.

The Northern Netherlands has high ambitions and much to offer in the field of Plastics Recycling. There is solid expertise in both mechanical recycling, such as at the National Test Center for Circular Plastics and Morssinkhof Plastics, and in chemical recycling, such as at CuRe technology. In addition, new processes and plastics are being developed such as at BioBTX, Teijin, Symeres, Avantium and Senbis. There is close cooperation with the RUG, including in the InRep program, the Hanzehogeschool and NHL Stenden. These companies and knowledge institutions, together with the northern governments, are represented in the platform by Chemport Europe.

New National Platform for Plastics Recycling

During ISPT and DPI's Circular Plastics Conference on Feb. 4, Emmo Meijer (chairman Mission Circular Economy and figurehead Top Sector ChemistryNL) announced the "National Platform Plastics Recycling. The platform consists of innovation communities from various core disciplines. It will map the current state of the art and from there identify white spots and opportunities for mutual cooperation. Based on the overview, the platform aims to establish new public-private partnerships and advise the government.

Cor Kamminga, of Chemport Europe: "We view the launch of the NPPR with great optimism and expect to make a valuable contribution. To make great strides in plastics recycling, far-reaching cooperation is necessary. This involves innovative techniques, closing chains and making it economically attractive together. The NPPR brings together initiatives, including those from our Chemport region, at the national level. By doing so, we increase our innovative strength and accelerate the step to scale-up and commercialization."