Flinc Pitch Camp 2022
  • Becoming Investor Ready

NOM is hosting a Pitch Camp - will you win €15,000?

The event for early stage entrepreneurs looking for funding to grow their startup. The event offers promising startups a platform to connect with investors and like-minded entrepreneurs. And one of the startups walks out at the end of the evening with a prize of a whopping 15k.

NOM Pitch Camp

Taking place on November 24, the Pitch Camp offers 4 promising startups the chance to win 15k prize money with a rock-solid pitch. There is also plenty of room during the event to network and schedule appointments for more venture capital. The event is organized by the NOM and aims to give startups a stage and stimulate cross-pollination between regional networks and investors. The pitches will be judged by the audience present on growth potential and innovativeness.

Are you comfortable with this? Then apply by Nov. 3 for a spot at the 2022 NOM Pitchcamp.

Have you been assigned a spot at Pitch Camp? Then we are going to help you put together your pitch. This includes looking at your proof of concept and product-market-fit.

Proof of Concept

First of all, your proof of concept must be in order. You have built a product and have done so based on clear customer validation. You may already have feedback from launching custormers, based on which you have further developed your product. Your product is ready to be tested in the market.

How do you make a clear pitch?

A good pitch starts with a clear problem statement: who is the first customer group you want to serve and what is their need? You state this on the first slide. Then you show the impact of that problem on the customer group. Followed by the best solution to the problem, slide 3. Slide 4 shows the steps you have already taken to arrive at the solution. For example, you have conducted customer interviews, you have a paying customer. How did you get to that customer? Did you get commitment from the customer group on purchasing the solution and how did you get that? Slide 5 shows the steps you will take in the coming period to achieve further professionalization of your business, followed by the financials, slide 6. Finish with who you will accomplish these steps and tell more about your entrepreneurial team, slide 7.

Your chosen tactics are very important for investors.

Product-market fit

You've developed a basic product, a proof of concept, that your initial customer group is a fan of. You can sell the product with a lot of persuasion, but then you have to provide proof that the product actually adds value. This is your product-market-fit. When you have achieved your product-market-fit, you feel that users will naturally start buying your product. You no longer have to pull and tug continuously. Investors are curious to know what experiment you are going to set up to achieve this fit and how many euros you are willing to spend on it? Don't forget to make this very clear.

Not selected to present your pitch on our stage? Perhaps the tips above will help you get your pitch razor-sharp.