Nextgen Ventures launches new healthcare investment fund: Nextgen Ventures 2 - 'Data is Next'
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Nextgen Ventures launches new healthcare investment fund: Nextgen Ventures 2 - 'Data is Next'

Nextgen Ventures has launched its second fund. In two consecutive closings, strategic partners, institutional investors and family offices have committed a total of €23.6 million to Nextgen Ventures 2. Over the next five years, Nextgen Ventures 2 intends to invest this capital in approximately twelve data-driven companies that are tech-savvy and innovative, thereby contributing to better, more efficient and affordable healthcare.

Data is next

In recent years, much new technology has been introduced that focuses primarily on new forms of treatment and less on process innovation. This has led to increased life expectancy and perspective for patients, which has been an extraordinary achievement of the industry. Healthcare has proven to be a successful but also a fragile sector. Costs have risen and the sector is still labor-intensive with new technology being used primarily for treatments.

Nextgen Ventures 2 wants to invest in innovation that focuses on the proper use of technology and people, for example, by selecting interventions that benefit patients the most and treating these patients at home and remotely whenever possible. Nextgen Ventures 2 is also interested in specific treatments that make care more efficient and effective, such as new minimally invasive treatments.

The goal of these investments is to make a positive contribution to (health) care. The use of data is crucial here. Data can help make decisions and support vulnerable groups in their daily activities and this is precisely what appears to be in high demand in the current times; the Corona crisis makes it clear more than ever that it is crucial to invest more in care innovation and eHealth. Data can also help in matching medication and medical interventions to lifestyle and training scarce healthcare personnel or designing clinical trials more efficiently. In short, "Data is next.

Shared goals

Nextgen Ventures has the advantage of collaborating with funds and institutions that also want to invest in these developments, some of which have participated in the second fund after the first. The second fund has additionally welcomed new investors who also subscribe to this objective including socially committed family funds, regional development companies and a healthcare institution.

The following investors are participating in Nextgen Ventures 2:

About Fundis

Fundis facilitates and connects companies that provide high-quality care and services to the chronically ill and frail elderly for health and well-being. Fundis is committed to innovation and quality improvement of care and services. For Fundis, data analysis is one of the new methods for addressing labor shortages in care.

About IFG

Investment Fund Groningen (IFG) invests in market funds. IFG's objectives are fourfold: to create jobs in the province of Groningen, to offer innovative Groningen SMEs the financial opportunity to start up and grow, to promote interaction and collaboration with national and international partners, and to maintain IFG for the long term with a market return. By investing in funds managed by experienced fund managers, the opportunities in the market are better utilized and contribute to these objectives. It is precisely for this reason that IFG is investing in Nextgen Ventures 2.

About Menzis

Menzis is a health insurer that wants to be more than just the payer of its members' health care bills. Menzis looks after the interests of clients insured in illness and health. Moreover, it is committed to keeping good care available and affordable in the future and to strengthening the living capacity of everyone. Menzis does this, among other things, by deploying the mandatory reserves safely and usefully for the benefit of society. In this way, Menzis invests in innovations that improve care and health in the Netherlands, and
health in the Netherlands, and thus for its members. Menzis' participation in Nextgen Ventures 2 is a good example of this.

About Noaber Ventures

Noaber Ventures funds initiatives that bring about sustainable change and improve health (Driving change, improving health). In many cases, these are initiatives in which innovation technology plays an important role.

About Eastern NL

Oost NL is the development company of the eastern Netherlands. Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland, we strengthen the regional economy. We let entrepreneurs innovate, invest and internationalize to accelerate their growth. Oost NL guides entrepreneurs to the most suitable form of funding. We also make our network, knowledge and expertise available to entrepreneurs in Food, Health, Tech and Energy. We also invest in market funds. With money from the national government and the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel and Regio Twente, Oost NL invests in over 220 companies with a total fund capital under management of over € 340 million. Because Oost NL invests with public money, social return is of great importance. This way we contribute to achieving regional, economic, sustainability and employment goals.

About Paerel Investment

Paerel stands for innovation and likes to co-invest in what does not yet exist. Examples of investments in health care are MediQuest and Physician and Care.

About Top Fund Gelderland

Top Fund Gelderland is a revolving investment fund of the province of Gelderland, managed by fund manager Oost NL. Through Top Fund Gelderland, Oost NL invests with money from the province in innovative enterprises and projects in the field of economy and sustainable energy supply in the province of Gelderland. This is done, in cooperation with co-investors, in the form of direct investments in companies and through investments in market funds. In total, the province of Gelderland is making € 188.75 million available through Topfonds Gelderland, of which € 36.5 million is for fund investments and € 152.25 million for direct investments in Gelderland companies through the subsidiary funds: Innovation and Energy Fund Gelderland (IEG) and Development and Restructuring Company Gelderland (OHG).

About Triad

Triade is a network organization affiliated with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and helps companies and knowledge institutions excel. Together with its partners, Triade offers promising companies access to knowledge, talent, market, facilities and capital. supporting researchers and (start-up) entrepreneurs in the development of products, administration, accommodation and funding. In doing so, Triade makes use of national and international networks with broad knowledge and experience in the field of care-related innovations.